Why transsexual escort will replace females in the nearest decade

Women are getting less and less popular with centuries. Breasts and coochies used to be the main engine of progress, men fought for pussy, men died for pussy seeking to learn how to not lose yourself in a relationship. But what will society initially end up with at the age of acceptance and equality? It almost seems like women will soon be devalued and left at the margins of life.

Sex workers used to be associated straightly with female gender, even male prostitutes were proclaimed a rare occasion until the beginning of Sex Revolution. Nowadays escort business thrives, giving privilege to thousands of transsexual, transvestite, crossdresser and shemale workers. So what lead to this drastic change?

1. Transgender population went up

The amount of trans population increased significantly from 2007 to 2016, according to surveys. For instance, the current transgender population in the USA went up from 63817 (by 2007) to 94 376 (by the 2016 official data). If we’ll take a look at this agenda with the magnifying glass, it will turn out that 390 in 100 000 adult people come under this number. Transgender people usually finally determine with their gender by the age 13-21 which is the age of sexual self-identification among the teenagers and youngsters.

2. Transgender porn requests

Transsexual porn has overcome a major change since the 90’s. Within 20 years, this genre of porn got to a third position after gay sex and milfs. According to the survey, not only transgender or LGBT men or women search this kind of porn. Surprisingly, the ones that frequently request this genre are…straight males. Among countries that search for the trans porn are Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Russia, and Spain. We don’t know whether it’s pure interest or forbidden pleasure, but Google never lies.

3. Transgender rights and freedom

With the sudden increase of transsexual, transvestite, crossdresser and shemale population, people initially needed to defend their rights on the constitutional and federal levels. With the final agreement on gay marriages, within five years since 2011 American and European society has overcome a drastic change, allowing people to sleep with trans citizens and marry them, not being ashamed of accusations.

4. Variety and interest that drew society to trans people

The interest to transsexual escort has risen up to 400 times throughout the last decade. Topics that touch upon questions, concerning the combinations of the words “trans” and “sex” have risen up to 5000 percent. Social media, television and means of information are not afraid to use the word “transgender” or “escort” anymore. These topics are covered in different official institutions, such as schools or universities.

5. The number of transsexual escorters

Approximately 13 percent of sexual workers turn out to be transgender or transsexual which leads to a conclusion that comparing to a female or male agenda, trans people go to escort business more frequently. The interest to trans sex workers have risen significantly and people who use help of escort workers are straight or gay males. Women request shemale escort much less often.