How to Pick Up a Ukrainian Girl on the Dance Floor

There are different places where one can pick up a Ukrainian girl. Everything depends on what you are looking for. It’s obvious that nightclubs are not those places where family-oriented and domestic women spend their leisure. However, if you’re not after a serious relationship and you want to find a girlfriend, then going to a nightclub is a good idea. Yet, the odds are that >gorgeous Ukrainian girl, who looks like a diva, can turn out to be marriage material. Appearances can be deceitful, you know.

Generally, nightclubs are considered to be good venues for picking up girls. Women come here to relax, have a drink, dance, and meet new people. So, their aims coincide with yours. Moreover, if you are an active person and you like to party, you’ll most probably be interested in dating a girl who has a similar temperament.

gorgeous Ukrainian girl

How to Pick Up in the Club

If you go to the nightclub with the purpose to pick up girls, don’t think it will be easy. Girls do their best to look stunning and they realize many guys will hit on them, so they put up their defenses. Most guys are aware of the competition, so they’ll try to impress a woman and win her attention. And this is their biggest mistake because the more you try to impress a woman the more pathetic or boastful you seem to her. Here are some simple tips that will enhance your skills and help you approach women at nightclubs successfully.

Enjoy the moment

If you’re too focused on your aim (approaching girls), it’s visible. From the side, you look like a hunter chasing his prey. Women feel your desire to impress and this is what pushes them away from you. Just relax, man. Be yourself, act naturally and you’ll attract women like a magnet.

Communicate extensively

When you approach a girl, be sure that she has already checked you from a distance. Women are attracted to men who can talk to anyone and keep up any conversation. That’s why if you come to the club solo, you can interact with different people. It can be a doorman, a bartender, a guy or girl standing at the wall waiting for someone – get in the mood of meeting people.

Intrigue her

A huge mistake is to focus on one girl and keep making desperate attempts to get her number throughout the whole night. Make little steps. If you bump into a pretty girl, don’t cling onto her at once. Give her a prolonged look, smile and walk away. You’ll run into her later but now you should leave her wanting more. Arouse her interest.

Approach groups of girls

Many men are afraid of approaching a girl if she’s in the company of her female friends. In fact, it’s even easier if you choose the right strategy. When you talk to a group of women, you immediately appear as a strong and confident man with good communication skills. If you melt the hearts of her friends, they will not mind your taking her by the hand and leading to the dance floor or buying a drink.

Dress up

The way you’re dressed influences the way people perceive you. If you know that you look sharp, you’ll feel more confident and it will only increase your chances of picking up a beautiful girl. Do you know that women pay attention to men's sense of style? So, the right attire and a good perfume should become your best allies.

How to Pick Up on the Dance Floor

If you’re in the nightclub and you want to pick up a Ukrainian woman, there are some rules you should follow in order to do everything right. First of all, you need to devise the strategy of approaching girls. Then, choose the battlefield. Traditionally, clubs feature two zones – a bar zone and the dance floor. We’re sure you know how to pick up girls at the bar and you’ve practiced it before. One thing that might confuse or puzzle you is that you’ve never approached Ukrainian girls. Here are some recommendations.

Initiate a conversation and keep it going. Remember that girls know deep down they will be approached by guys, so they choose to play hard to get. If the girl you approached seems reserved and her answers to your questions are brief, don’t give up – this is her usual behavior at the club. What you should do is to keep talking and be cool about the moments of silence.

Use the power of touching. Even the slightest physical contact facilitates chemistry between two people. That is why all pickup artists touch their “victims”. You can touch her subtly while talking at the bar. The excuse can be the loud music that muffled her last words, so you lean on towards her and automatically touch her shoulder. When you get to the dance floor, touch her hands, shoulders, waist, and upper back – those “safe” spots of a woman's body. Be ready that she’ll unlikely initiate touching or return your touches.

Be convincing. Once you feel an awkward silence is about to set in, prevent it by heading to the dance floor. It shouldn’t be a polite invitation to dance but an assertive request or even demand. Don’t ask her because when you ask, she’ll think whether she wants to dance with you or not and even if she does want to, she’ll say “no”. Women, you know they are illogical. That is why you put your hand on her shoulder or take her by the hand and say, “Let’s go dance”. If she doesn’t tear her hand from your hand, it means she agrees.

Buy her a drink. If she says she doesn’t want to dance, use another tactic. Offer to buy her a cocktail. Maybe she is not in the mood of dancing yet or she waits for a better song, so help her get into the right mood. If she refuses, keep insisting. However, if she refuses both to dance and to drink, it may mean she’s not into you, so consider leaving her alone.

Show your romantic intentions. If you want to meet and date a Ukrainian girl, you should let her know you don’t want to be just friends. For this, dare to kiss her. Timing is what is important here. The appropriate moment is when you’ll be saying goodbye. By then, you’ll establish a certain level of connection and feel whether it could have a continuation. Don’t forget to get her number.

Some guys believe that they can approach a girl at the club only by using dance pickup lines. Ukrainian women can’t stand players and they detect insincerity at first sight. The secret to a successful approach is your friendly, playful attitude and natural and confident behavior.